Artistry in Custom Blending
My collections are not meant to be conventional, only one of a kind.

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Both Art & Science – Custom Botanical Formulation


I believe, being an herbalist for over thirty years in custom botanical formulation, that pure botanical ingredients are best suited for our skin. I find each botanical amazingly simple yet astonishingly complex in their biochemical interactions with our human physiology. Imagine you stop and admire a simple wild rose growing in the garden. You can’t resist its beauty, the softness of its petals and gentle aroma, and the seemingly simplicity of its design. I, too, appreciate this experience and know it as one of life’s true pleasures.
However, there are a multitude of complex elements found in the wild rose. A group of chemical components that form the foundation of its physical aromatic beauty. I call this paradox the yin and yang of wild rose.  It is these complex elements that work in harmony with each other and the skin that determine the skin’s condition and appearance.

It is this dynamic that is the essence of GENbotanicals skin care collections. The blending and balance of rich botanical ingredients constitute the substance of your skincare. I apply this philosophy to every sphere of GEN from formulation to packaging to marketing. Each handcrafted product is a work of both art and science. Furthermore, each formula is alive with the botanical elements we know to be the safest and most effective for a good, basic skincare routine. We use only organic natural and essential oils, plant extracts, herbal flowers, tea leaves, and earthen clay.


Artistry & Process

” I understand my botanical,  where it comes from, how its harvested, what it will do, and more importantly, what it doesn’t do.”


Custom botanical formualtion is at the heart of GENbotanicals. There are certain rules in the art of judging a future botanical ingredient. The first and simplest is appearance. I ask myself is the herb, oil, or tea rich in color, what is the texture, taste and aroma. Most important, how will it benefit the skin. For example, a quality camellia oil will present with a light golden color. It feels light on the skin and absorb easily with little scent. Pomegranate, in contrast, is a thick,  distinct oil. While similar in color to camellia, it carries the aroma of heaviness which indicates its richness. Such are the characteristics we judge for every ingredient in our formulas.

After choosing, the blending process depends on the intended use of the product. Natural and essential oils are most effective when the oils are allowed to mix and harmonize together. For this reason, I use a formulation technique know to most formulators. A gentle hand rolling of each bottle several times throughout the day to insure a truly blended mixture. Then, a 24-36 hour relax time for the blend. After years of blending oils I have learned that newly prepared essential oil blends can be quite strong. Therefore, the blend needs time for the essential oils to develop their true aroma for your finished product.


Hydrolates, Clay, Powders & Grains

“I love the feel of a rose water and moroccan clay masque on my face, cool and earthy.”


My process for blending floral hydrolates is very similar to my facial serums. Pure plant hydrosols are the waters produced simply as a result of essential oil distillation. Hydrosols do something very distinctive. They deliver the plant properties of essential oils in lesser concentration. So, in blending  a hydrosol product, I combine single botanical hydrosols together. Then gently shake and allow to rest for complete blending.This process allows the blend to reach its peak effectiveness.

Our pure botanical facial masque and exfoliant require a different blending method. Powdered herbals of flowers, teas, grains and clay are mediums of varying weights. And, each is blended at different proportions per weight and effectiveness. We never want you to open your jar and find the heavier ingredients at the bottom of the jar. To this end, I add a small portion of each ingredient. We mix and stir ingredients. Repeating the mix and stir process until equally proportioned. We now have a luxurious blend to pamper your skin.


Service with a Style

“It’s my job to help you find the right ingredient and the right formulation.”


In conclusion, a good, basic skincare routine is for everyone regardless of  your age or skin condition.  However it requires a lot of care and attention. A daily skin care routine is essential and should start early. Because, your skin will change and age over time. Even more important, there is no magic skincare product that can give your skin everything it needs through all of its life cycles. Younger, generally healthy skin needs skin protection and preservation as the skin continually changes. In contrast, mature skin benefits from a restorative based skin care routine.


The Complete Collection is handcrafted and customizable.

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We provide skincare collections across the age spectrum. Women in their twenties to thirties may want extra hydration, while women forty to fifty may notice a few fine lines. Finally, our eighties & nineties group want extra moisture and like the smell of our true rose and jasmine scents. Our customizable skincare collections will benefit most skin types. You may find one of our collections may beneficial to your particular skin condition. For more information on how to customize your product,





 CONTACT US.  We will be happy to help you chose the right collection.