jojoba rice bran cleansing oil

jojoba rice bran cleansing oil by genbotanicals


jojoba rice bran cleansing oil

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jojoba rice bran cleansing oil is New Mexico true certified







gently replenish and cleanse the skin with the dual actions of pure jojoba and rice bran oils. designed to dissolve impurities and balance natural sebum flow, these oils are abundant in vitamins C, E and  super antioxidants to prevent free radical damage. possessing natural squalene, rice bran oil delivers an intense moisture boost resulting in soft and supple skin. blended with the whole essential oils of palmarosa for antibacterial and antiseptic properties, geranium to revitalize skin tone, lavender to rejuvenate tired, lifeless skin. deeply cleanse without stripping away skin’s natural oils to reveal natural radiance and vitality.

suitable for all skin types. particularly beneficial to extra dry and combination skin.



organic jojoba oil
japanese bijin rice bran oil – (non solvent extracted)
organic evening primrose oil
senegalese hibiscus oil
organic palmarosa essential oil
organic egyptian geranium essential oil
organic lavender essential oil

this is the first step in the  desert skincare ritual.  It is the most important step in your daily beauty ritual to encourage the skin to produce a healthy, protective barrier.

how to use: apply several drops with fingertips and massage deeply into your skin. use circular motions to deeply penetrate and loosen dirt and impurities. Rinse well with warm water

tip: the goal of cleansing is to remove impurities and dead skin cells over-cleansing can leave the skin prone to moisture loss. customize your cleansing process to your skin’s needs

jojoba rice bran cleansing oil contains entirely plant based ingredients sourced from around the world. free of synthetics, parabens, petrochemicals, artificial color and fragrance, cruelty free, and packaged in miron violet glass to reduce light and extend shelf life.

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