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my dilemma: I could not find skincare products that worked for my skin in our desert climate. as I talked with other women about their personal skincare, I discovered they have similar experiences.We all share cumulative overexposure to the sun and ultra-violet (UV) radiation. the high altitude, arid winds and low humidity creates a capacity for dry, dehydrated skin, coupled with a compromised skin barrier. All of which, if your not especially observant and attentive, can lead to real skin damage resulting in deep lines, wrinkles, age spots, and prematurely aged skin.

I learned that effective skincare wasn’t about beauty or aging, rather it’s having ‘good skin’ as we age. many skin care products don’t provide the hydration and emollient protection required for our uniquely dry environment. and too, they often don’t include specific ingredients to combat cumulative sun exposure. so, what were the alternatives?

we created the genbotanicals desert skincare collection to provide an alternative – a product line made with organic, pure plant based ingredients especially potent for a desert climate.

by refusing to follow trends, handcrafting every order in-house, and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to a provide higher-quality, ingredient specific skincare product affordable to all.

we believe each customer is unique and has their own individual lifestyle. deserving the skincare the way they want it, and meeting their special concerns.