made for and in the desert

made for and in the desert by genbotanicals


Made for and in the desert


New Mexico is one of the sunniest states to live, receiving over 300 days of sunshine annually. Our Land of Enchantment is a diverse landscape that boasts sprawling cities and rugged rural regions. From Taos to Las Cruces and Quemado to Clovis, New Mexico features a series of mountains, valleys, and grassland desert.

However, the climate necessary to maintain this high desert beauty creates a harsh environment for our skin. We all share cumulative overexposure to the sun and ultra-violet (UV) radiation. The high altitude, arid winds and low humidity creates a capacity for dry, dehydrated skin, coupled with a compromised skin barrier. All of which, if your not especially observant and attentive, can lead to real skin damage resulting in deep lines, wrinkles, age spots, and prematurely aged skin.

This is why we do desert skincare and nothing else.

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