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Every one of my products is designed from my point of view


My dilemma: I could not find skincare products that worked for my skin in our desert climate. As I talk with women about their skincare, I discovered they have similar experiences. For desert skincare, many skin care products don’t provide the hydration and emollient protection required for our climate. Also, they often don’t include specific ingredients to combat sun exposure. So, how could I revise my products to work for my customers?

First of all, I take the best elements from genbotanicals skincare line and expand to include custom skincare. In addition, I refine ingredients to offer my customers tailored formulas for their specific skincare concerns.

So, I engage in ‘spa days’, introduce customers to several botanical ingredients, and let them learn firsthand which ones are best suited for their skin. I’m able to provide my customers a formula that works best for them.

Finally, I believe each customer is special and different. Each customer has their own individual style. So, custom skincare should be exactly the way you want it. Most of all, I learn that they believe effective skincare is not about beauty or aging. skincare is about having ‘good skin’ as they age.

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