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GENbotanicals is created from a love of botanicals, herbalism, as well as the science of plant-human interaction. Thus, our approach to skincare is simple- a restoration of balance. We believe that plant-derived skin care, through the use of authentic, precise botanicals, can bring the skin’s  metabolic functions back into healthy balance. therefore, influencing regenerative and restorative facial care.  Once healthy balance is achieved your skin is its own best defense, and long-term protector against further skin damage.

long-established herbal knowledge combined with current science shows the increasing value of pure plant constituents for skincare. we integrate this knowledge into each of our formulas. genbotanicals offers an evolving skincare collection, each product from cleansing to nightly renewal is created to harmonize, with each other and the the biochemical processes of your skin. through the native oils of the New Mexico desert to the grains and clay from Japan, and rare China teas we offer you a  partnership with nature. genbotanicals desert skincare line is entirely botanical based, 80% organic, and foreign chemical and preservative free.


about us at genbotanicalsgenbotanicals was founded by debbie smith. her vision to create a beauty practice designed for daily support and long term preservation of your skin is what makes genbotanicals so unique in New Mexico.

What started over 12 years ago with a simple cleansing oil in Datil, New Mexico has evolved into the Essential Desert Collection. through your we off you a we continue growing our product line for self care and wellness,

in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond

finally, I’m passionate about making New Mexico’s finest skincare and to share my products with you is a privilege, and more fun than I ever could have imagined.



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