Camellia Skin Defense Face Oil


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Camellia Skin Defense Face Oil

Desert Skincare at its best. Camellia Skin Defense Face Oil is a potent, multi-correctional face oil infused with 12 nutrient-rich, plant derived foundation oils and extracts. At the heart of Camellia Skin Defense Face Oil is our Japanese wild Camellia, (Yabu-Tsubaki), to nourish skin and restore elasticity while improving aged or sun-damaged skin. Our powerful blend delivers optimal concentrations of plant nutrients, vital antioxidants, nourishing fatty acids, and skin-loving vitamins to renew, protect, and strengthen the skin. Added to our blend are two organic essential oils of Sandalwood and Rose otto to boost hydration and further enhance the skin benefits of Camellia Skin Defense Face Oil.

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Size – .5 fl oz – 15ml   / Presents with Aburatorigami Beauty Oil Blotting Paper








camellia skin defense face oil harmonized and active botanicals



Infused Harmony

The secret to good natural skin care is knowing what your botanical will do, and more importantly, what it won’t do. Our potent formulation blends only harmonizing botanicals with the right natural science in each formulation to deliver optimal  skin benefiting properties.

camellia seed oil*  rosehip seed oil*  argan oil*   pomegranate oil* evening primrose oil*   jojoba oil*   marula oil*   cherry blossom extract**, white tea extract*, sunflower oil*, sandalwood essential oil, (plantation grown),   white rose otto essential oil*   Vitamin E ( non GMO)*

100% natural ingredients

84.6 % certified organic ingredients

* USDA certified organic ingredient






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Hydration & Protection

Critical to desert skin care is hydration and protection. Camellia Skin Defense Face Oil is infused with targeted natural oils and extracts to hydrate and protect against cumulative sun exposure, arid winds, low humidity and ultra-violet (UV) ray damage. Camellia and Marula oils, White Tea, and Cherry Blossom extracts deliver a multi-correctional boost of benefits. Specifically, our blend provides an excellent balance of moisture, nutrients, powerful antioxidant activity to keep the skin hydrated and moist while delivering added protection against over-sun exposure.









camellia skin defense face oil at genbotanicals



Transform the texture, tone and restore suppleness to the skin when used as a daily part of your skin care routine.

  1. Skin feels and looks soft and radiant
  2. Nourish skin and restore bounce and elasticity
  3. Restores uneven skin tone, diminishes dark spots, age spots
  4. Improve aged or sun-damaged skin
  5. Soften rough skin and minor scars












How to Apply


apply camellia skin defense face oil

Apply 1-2 drops of face to to cheeks, chin, nose and forehead.


massaging camellia skin defense face oil into your skin

Gently massage your face oil into skin in upward motions for 30 seconds. This action activates the therapeutic properties of your oil, And too, facial massage stimulates circulation to brighten, revitalize, and restore your natural radiance.


finishing touch to Camellia skin defense face oil

Pat your face with your gold infused blotting tissue, complimentary with your face oil, to remove any excess oil, control shine, and even out moisture for a more youthful glow. You may follow with make-up, additional moisturizer or other facial application. Always follow with sunscreen



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Customize My Camellia Skin Defense Face Oil?

Yes. We recognize that everyone’s skin is different. So, we offer a fully customizable skin care regimen to address your unique skin concerns and goals. Also, we incorporate a holistic approach that includes lifestyle factors, environmental stressors specific to the New Mexico climate, and your skin condition.

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A Great Normalizer

desert face oil five gold stars review

“Already see a difference in my face in two weeks. My skin is balanced and looking better every day that I use it.”

Leslie – Taos, NM


More Than I Expected

desert face oil five gold stars review

“I ordered the Desert Camellia Face Oil several weeks ago and just love it. I put it on before applying my makeup and it works great as an under makeup moisturizer. At first I thought it might be to oily but it wasn’t and I use it daily. I have noticed a real difference in my skin’s texture”

Karen – Apache Creek, NM


My Favorite Product

desert face oil five gold stars review

I have been using GENbotanicals facial products for several years now and this is my favorite product to use daily. I know my skin is at it’s best with less noticeable fine lines and a truly health glow that I had been missing.

Nichole – Houston, TX



Camellia Skin Defense Oil