Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use my Complete Desert Collection as a daily routine?

We recommend a traditional skincare routine. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone/mist, moisturize, followed by SPF in the morning. Do a nightly cleansing, then apply your night serum. You can apply your facial masque 1-2 times a week as needed.

2. How soon will I see results?

You may start seeing results within two weeks, with more results after your 27 days skin regenerative cycle.
Overtime, as you see noticeable improvement you may adjust your skincare routine as needed.
For example, you may want to decrease your exfoliation to 1-2 times a week, or adjust your Pomegranate Recovery Serum
to once a week. You are the best judge of what your skin needs. Experiment with your collection to see and feel what works best
for you.

3. Can I use the products around my eyes?

We do not recommend using the Camellia Skin Defense Face Oil or the Pomegranate Recovery Serum on the eyelids, nor the delicate under-eye area. These products containing active essential oils. While each formulas is diluted to .25 -.5% total essential oil blend, and considered safe for facial application, However we still do not recommend them for use around the very delicate, thin skin around the eyes. This is to avoid any oil getting into the eye. Rather, apply your eye oil serum around eye contour area before applying your face oils.

4. What is the shelf life of the Collection

Once opened, the shelf life is (8) eight months for your products containing oils and powders. A six month (6) shelf life for your White Tea Rose Toner Mist. To extend shelf life and prevent oxidation and degradation, it is best to refrigerate your face toner. Ultimately, refrigeration provides the proper storage and away from extreme temperatures (hot or freezing).

5. How long will my products last?

Your Desert Skincare Collection should last 8-10 weeks with daily application. As skin improves, you can reduce the amount of product you use. Customizing your routine is a great way to optimize your skin’s particular needs.

6. Who should use the Essential Oil Free-Desert Skincare Collection?

Essential Oil Safety is our top priority. Essential oils are concentrated, powerful plant oils containing constituents that benefit the skin. We consider essential oils to be safe and effective when used in proper dilutions, and we use essential oils to enhance our Camellia Skin Defense Oil and Pomegranate Recovery Serum. Due to their powerful nature, we recommend the Essential Oil Free version of our Collection for those who have very sensitive skin, any skin sensitivities or allergies to essential oils, and for all women who are pregnant or nursing mothers.

7. Can I use these products with other facial products?

Yes, you may use your Desert Skincare products as a stand alone routine or in addition to other of your favorite products. Our products work well with additional moisturizers, sunscreen, and under make-up.

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