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About Us


When I couldn’t find skin care that delivered the hydration and protection I needed for desert living, I decided to formulate my own. For myself, and women like me who want a beauty practice specifically designed for our desert climate. I started with a simple moisturizing serum. This began a twelve-year journey; from the habitats of New Mexico to the worlds of phytotherapy and aromatherapy. I discovered the depth of interaction between environment, person, herb and aroma, it was truly breathtaking. Accordingly, it is this integration that laid the foundational principles of GENbotanicals and the Desert Skincare Collection.

The Desert Skincare Collection is an ever-evolving botanical beauty ritual in traditional skincare design. We cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize, and restore. As a formulator, I believe my most important job is to deliver quality, effectiveness and safety. Ultimately, this is all about you, and from the the finest botanical ingredients and precise constituents, I strove to make sure your skin has everything it needs to stay healthy, protected, and defend itself against skin damage.


My philosophy, ‘Restoration to Balance’, is inspired by holistic, herbal, and aromatherapy principles. Balanced skin, your skin is even, toned, smooth and retains moisture, leads to healthy, beautiful skin. Once balanced the skin can function properly to provide a healthy barrier. As a result, the skin can better absorb moisture and nutrients, eliminate toxins, and regenerate itself. With this in mind, I applied these principles to create the Desert Skincare Collection. My goal being a preventative strategy against the desert elements through improving your best defense system – maintaining healthy skin that provides the best protection.

To deliver a best defense strategy against skin damage in a desert environment I created a multi-step collection of products for a complete skincare routine. I believe that pure plant-derived ingredients are the most compatible with our skin. And too, I believe our five step method is still the best to prevent early signs of damage. Therefore, each ingredient profile is evaluated for its phytonutrient content including essential fatty acids, antioxidants, together with each plant’s therapeutic properties. In addition, we apply the highest quality standards for each botanical: certified organic or ethically wildcrafted, certified grown, harvested, and extracted without the use of foreign chemicals.

We are passionate about making New Mexico’s finest skincare and want to celebrate the beauty of all women, at every stage of life. Finally, to share my products with you is a privilege, and more fun than I ever could have imagined.

May we all have great skin!

Debbie Smith – Founder


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