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Symbolism of Balance in Nature

About us


when I couldn’t find skin care that delivered the hydration and protection I needed for desert living, I decided to formulate my own. for myself, and women like me who want a beauty practice specifically designed for our desert climate. thus, this began a twelve-year journey; from the habitats of New Mexico to the worlds of botanicals and aromatherapy. I discovered the depths of interaction between plant ingredients and skin physiology. accordingly, it is this integration that laid the foundational principles of GENbotanicals and the Complete Desert Collection.

We believe that ‘Balance’ matters

Balanced skin is healthy skin. Our approach to ‘Restoration of Balance’, is inspired by holistic, herbal, and aromatherapy practices, attempting to bring the skin’s normal, healthy barrier functions back into balance. Once achieved, your skin retains moisture by preventing water loss from deeper skin layers and is better protected from harsh elements like UV rays, pollutants, microbes, and chemicals. Just as important, your skin now has the capacity for improved moisture absorption, transfer of vital nutrients, and cell regeneration. Ultimately, your skin looks and feels enhanced with a smoother, even toned, naturally hydrated.

genbotanicals is a long-term approach

genbotanicals mission is to deliver an ever-evolving botanical skincare ritual. by offering premium products and individual services, we strive to provide long-term preservation to your skin. equally important, a best defense strategy against further skin damage. Ultimately, this is all about you. and from the finest botanical ingredients and precise constituents, we strive to make sure your skin has everything it needs to stay healthy, protected.

we are passionate about making New Mexico’s finest skincare and want to celebrate the beauty of all women. finally, to share my products with you is a privilege, and more fun than I ever could have imagined.

may we all have great skin!

Debbie Smith – Founder