Harmonized Beauty

harmonized beauty at genbotanicals

My Journey to Skin Care

As an herbalist I have spent over thirty years blending internal herbal remedies for wellness. So, when asked to create a desert skin care line, I believed that formulating topical skin care would be a natural and somewhat easy addition to my herbal business. It was not, of course, and required many additional years of study. From phytotheraphy to aromatherapy, I researched the most effective natural solutions for addressing a broad range of skin conditions and concerns. As a result, I found that the combination of the two methods, using whole plants and essential plant oils has defined my Desert Skin Care Essence Collection for a harmonized beauty line.


A Restoration of Balance

Natural and essential oils, pure plant hydrosols and whole plant powders and extracts are well suited for topical skin care. They interact beautifully with the skin for the restoration of balance, bringing natural functions back to their optimal state of equilibrium. The key to effectiveness is the use of plants and oils in their purest form, the compatibility and action of ingredients, used consistently and in the right order.

With customer input and experience, I’ve had years to develop the Desert Skin Care Collection. For each step of your skin care routine, I start with pure, organic ingredients. Then, I blend each according to its skin benefiting properties. Each product, while perfectly effective on its own, works together with the next for a complete synergistic effect. Your skin receives a multitude of interacting benefits for optimal results.

Knowing What to Expect

As you restore natural balance your skin will begin to look healthier overall and feel thoroughly moisturized. As it is replenished with hydration and nourished, you may notice a softer, smoother complexion. Most important, you receive the return of the natural glow we are all hoping for.



Our Promise to You

We use only the highest quality of ingredients and the purest extraction methods. We ensure that you receive only organic, 100% pure, ingredients without unnecessary fillers, fragrance, or foreign synthetic compounds. All of our products are at least 96% organic and sourced from sustainable farms in U.S and around the world.