Jojoba Rice Bran Cleansing Oil

jojoba rice bran cleansing oil at genbotanicals

Jojoba Rice Bran Cleansing Oil

desert face oil five gold stars review( 3 Reviews)

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Size – 50 ml / 2 fl oz  with glass dropper

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jojoba rice bran cleansing oil

Transform and replenish your skin with a combination of our high performance vitamin-rich plant oils of Jojoba, Rice bran, Hibiscus, Rose and Honeysuckle extracts. Created to dissolve makeup and impurities, while balancing sun damaged skin. These potent oils and extracts infuse the skin with vitamins A, B1 and B3, C, D, while delivering skin loving super antioxidant, Gamma-oryzanol and pure plant Squalene to improve overall skin texture. A natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids, organic hibiscus oil is also rich in nutrients while it gently exfoliates. Soothing honeysuckle extract helps to even out skin tone. In addition, it’s anti-inflammatory properties soothe skin irritations. Lastly, we blend in palmarosa essential oil for  its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, and to quell dehydration of the skin in our dry climate. Jojoba Rice Bran Cleansing Oil is suited for all skin types, particularly extra dry, mature and sensitive skin.



Jojoba oil*(Simmonondsia chinense),
Japanese Bijin Rice Bran oil – (Oryza Sativa), (non solvent extracted),
Hibiscus oil*  (Hibiscus sabdariffa),
Ecuadorian Rosa damascena extract (Rosa damascena) in Sunflower oil (Helianthus annuus)
Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil & Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract*
Palmarose essential oil*(Cymbopogon martinii)
Vitamin E oil* (Sunflower derived) 1500 UI

*  Certified organic ingredient

100% natural ingredients
This product is 71.4 % organic content.


How To Apply

This is the first step in the Desert Essence Collection

jojoba rice bran cleansing oil at genbotanicals

 Moisten face with warm water. Apply 5-7 drops to damp face with fingertips and massage deeply into your skin.
Then, use circular motions to deeply penetrate and loosen dirt and impurities.
Finally, rinse well with warm water or soft damp cloth.
For best results, follow with your Green Tea Rice Enzyme Powder
for a double cleanse.


Tip: Wet a wash cloth in warm to hot water and apply a small amount of purifier to the cloth. pat the warm cloth over the face to open the pores and prepare the skin for cleansing. The combination of heat and hydration softens dead skin cells and dirt on the skin, to be easily cleansed away.



Customer Testimonials


My Favorite Product in the Collection – by Joyce – Phoenix, AZ

 desert face oil five gold stars review 

2 years of using the collection, I like this cleansing oil the best. It has helped so much to make my face look so much better. I use it both day and night for the softness it gives my skin. (December, 2018)


Leaves My Skin Really Soft – by Julie – Datil, New Mexico

 desert face oil five gold stars review 

I just love the Jojoba Rice Bran Cleansing Oil. I wasn’t sure at first about washing my face with an oil at my age. It took getting use to, but my face didn’t break out like I thought it would and after a few weeks my face feels protected now. This cleansing oil works great for those of us in the in dry and windy mountains. (February 2019)