The ‘New to Naturals’ Collection

desert skin care new to naturals collection


GENbotanicals the ‘New to Naturals’ collection is a complete introductory set designed for those new to botanical skin care. Blended with organic, cold-pressed base and essential oils, botanical floral waters, powders, grains, teas, and clay, this collection is designed to restore the skin’s natural functions to a healthy balance. The thought of switching to a natural skin care routine care might be overwhelming but we’re here to help you make the transition.


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The ‘New to Naturals’ collection includes:

Jojoba Rice Bran Oil Cleanser  4 fl oz

Green Tea Rice Enzyme Powder  4 oz

 White Tea Rose Adapting Toner  4 fl oz

Camellia Skin Defense Face Oil  1 fl oz

Active ingredients: organic base oils, whole essential oils, clay, botanical powders, organic extracts, rice water, teas, and organic single plant hydrosols for a luxury skincare routine.

How to make your transition as smooth as possible.


First, you can introduce your new products as you go.

You can replace one product at a time, so don’t stress over having to replace your products all at once. However, using your old and new products at the same time may upset the current balance of your skin until you completely transition. The ‘New to Naturals’ collection is designed to work together to give you the maximum benefits and results.

Second, new natural products take time to work.

And too, you may have a few breakouts during your first three to four weeks of using your products. This is completely normal and will clear up in time. Remember this, natural ingredients encourage the elimination of impurities that have built up in the skin. With this in mind, a 3-4 week skin detox generally reveals healthier looking skin. It takes 21 days for  skin cells to renew and reach the surface. so, be patient and use your products continuously for a month to see true results.

Third, be consistent

It is important to use your products regularly to receive the maximum benefits. Customize your routine to your skin’s needs and consider it a daily ritual that you give to yourself.  Furthermore, inconsistency in your routine doesn’t let you know if your products are working. and too, starting and stopping your routine may delay results.

Be realistic

Just as important, the’new to naturals’ collection is not designed to change your skin. It is designed to aid rather than alter, providing a restoration to balance for healthier looking skin and your own radiance.

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Finding the right face oils and botanicals for your skin can take time. However, once you find the right ones, they can be everything you need in your skin care routine We’re here to help.

Lastly, good skin requires more than topical skin care.

Your lifestyle, diet, exercise, hydration, sleep, and managing stress can help the skin stay youthful. More important, sun protection is the single most important thing to ensure your skin looks good for a long time. Always wear a sunscreen, hat, and proper clothing to protect your skin. New Mexico’s climate and altitude can expose us to cumulative sun damage.

This collection is made of  exclusively plant based ingredients. and too, it’s free of synthetics, parabens, petrochemicals, artificial color, fillers, and fragrance. made with certified organic and ecocert approved, 100% pure ingredients sourced from around the world. cruelty free, and packaged in Miron violet glass to reduce light and extend shelf life.


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