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desert skin care new to naturals collection


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Product Description


GENbotanicals The ‘New to Naturals’ Collection is a complete
introductory set designed for those new to botanical skin care.
This collection is designed to restore the skin’s natural functions
to balance. We incorporate beneficial ingredients that may help
protect from sun damage, increase hydration, and nourish with
skin-restoring constituents. All of which harmonize to restore
and maintain a healthy skin barrier.


a more even skin tone
diminished appearance of fine lines
a feeling of firm and supple skin
large pores appear smaller
skin that looks healthy and moisturized
your skin feels hydrated throughout the day


The ‘New to Naturals’ collection includes:


Jojoba Rice Bran Oil Cleanser  4 fl oz

Cleanse the skin with this lightweight, antioxidant rich
cleanser that melts away impurities. contains Squalene
and super vitamin E.

Green Tea Rice Enzyme Powder  4 oz

Buff and smooth skin with this water-activated
exfoliant of nourishing Green Tea and conditioning
ultra-fine Pearl Powder.

 White Tea Rose Adapting Toner  4 fl oz

Soften and hydrate the skin with this organic
floral water and white tea based skin toner. It
helps normalize the skin’s pH balance

Camellia Skin Defense Face Oil  1 fl oz

Boost and protect with this ultra nourishing face oil
that forms a protective veil of emollients and essential
oils to re-hydrate dry skin.

How to use

Step 1

Cleanse & Purify

Begin with moist face. Gently massage 2-3
dropperfulls of Cleansing Oil onto face to melt
away impurities. Rinse face well.

Step 2


Mix 1/2 teaspoon of Green Tea Rice Enzyme Powder
with equal part water to create a light paste.
Gently massage onto face for 15 seconds,
avoiding eye area. Rinse face well.

Step 3

Hydrate & Soften

Spritz White Tea Rose Adapting Toner onto
a cotton ball. Press gently into the skin on your
face and neck. Let dry naturally. Or hold bottle
at arm length, close eyes, mist your face and neck.

Step 4

Boost and Protect

While face is still a little moist, gently massage a
pearl-sized amount of your Camellia Skin Defense
Face Oil onto face neck and decolletage in upward strokes.

Follow with additional moisturizer or a moisturizing
makeup and sunscreen

Active ingredients

organic base, carrier oils, whole essential oils,
untreated clay, powdered grains, herb powders,
organic extracts, rice water, hand ground teas,
and organic single plant hydrosols for a luxury
skincare experience.


It can take several weeks for a skin care routine
to make a difference. Consistent use of The New To
Naturals Collection may take up to 4 weeks for results
to become visual.



Advanced Skin Care Solution 

skin in need of extra care


The Complete Desert Treatment Essence Collection at genbotanicals

7 full product The Complete Desert Treatment Essence Collection intended as an advanced skin care routine for extremely dry, sun damaged, under-nourished skin. $159.00


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