new to naturals collection

new to naturals collection by genbotanicals

New to Naturals Collection

ultra-balancing to dry skin


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Experience the ritual for dry skin. This one month introduction deeply hydrates and protects the skin to restore natural radiance.


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blended to harmonize your beauty ritual, each ingredient works with and compliments the others to deliver maximum benefits. with this intention, we blend organic, cold-pressed natural base oils with pure essential oils for a restoration to balance of skin’s natural functions. in a single drop, pure hydrosols contain active plant properties, naturally supporting hydration and the balance of your skin’s pH.  herbal powders, tea leaf extracts, together with untreated clay, and rice grains infuse antioxidants, essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. In essence, you can transform, regardless of age, to a more smoother, radiant, and healthier looking complexion.

this collection is suitable for dry, prematurely aging skin, and  those wanting to preserve generally healthy skin.



         New to Naturals Collection includes:


STEP 1 – Cleanse
Jojoba Rice Bran Oil Cleanser   100m

melt away makeup, dirt and daily grime with this lightweight, antioxidant-rich oil cleanser. furthermore, oil cleansing is essential to maintain a healthy natural oil balance for optimum skin barrier protection.


STEP 2 – Polish
Green Tea Rice Enzyme Powder  96 gms

exoliate and polish skin with our water-activated antioxidant-rich and ultra nourishing blend of organic high mountain green tea, rice enzyme, and rosehips. equally important, you determine the amount and consistency for your unique skincare needs.


STEP 3 – Hydrate
Desert White Rose Adapting Toner  100ml

moisturize and hydrate with our three rose blend of organic hydrosols and white tea extract. Because consistent hydration is essential for our desert climate, this facial toner locks in moisture with every application. Additionally, white rose primes the face for additional skin care applications.


STEP 4- Moisturize &Protect
Camellia Skin Defense Face Oil  30ml

protect your skin from the elements with this deeply nourishing, emollient and high antioxidant face oil. and too, camellia oil, together with rosehip oil, delivers deep moisture retaining abilities with regenerative properties. Finally, sandalwood essential oil visibly restores dehydrated skin for a more supple complexion



Aburatorigami  Blotting paper

For a nice addition, you can remove excess oil, perspiration and eliminate the need for oil control products with natural oil blotting paper. notably, these fine tissue sheets will not smear makeup and they remove excess oil which exaggerates fine lines and wrinkles. uniquely, each packet contains 50 sheets that are handmade from natural-fiber pulp-free Abaca paper. specifically, they are infused with genuine gold flakes.


Active ingredients: organic base oils, whole essential oils, clay, botanical powders, organic extracts, rice water, teas, and organic single plant hydrosols for a luxury skincare routine


this collection is made of  exclusively plant based ingredients. and too, it’s free of synthetics, parabens, petrochemicals, artificial color, fillers, and fragrance. made with certified organic and ecocert approved, 100% pure ingredients sourced from around the world. cruelty free, and packaged in Miron violet glass to reduce light and extend shelf life.


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