Our Story

our story-desert skin care in new mexico

“GENbotanicals was founded with a one goal in mind, to deliver
the best defense against skin damage in our desert environment.”




our story- desert skin care at genbotanicals

Our Story

A Journey to Desert Skincare

GENbotanicals began in 2010 when I couldn’t find face products that gave me the performance I needed for desert living. Anyone living in our desert environment knows we  share cumulative overexposure to the sun and to ultra-violet (UV) radiation, high altitude, arid winds and low humidity. Consequently, these conditions create a capacity for dry, dehydrated skin, coupled with a compromised skin barrier. All of which can lead to skin damage resulting in prematurely aged skin.

Ten years of formulating herbal remedies for the body  encouraged me to apply the same herbal healing properties to a skincare formula. My goal being a preventative strategy against the desert elements through a restoration to balance.

Balanced skin really leads to healthy, beautiful skin.  Once balanced the skin can function properly to provide a healthy barrier. As a result, the skin can better absorb moisture and nutrients, eliminate toxins, and regenerate itself. With this in mind, I focused on finding the very best botanical ingredients in potency and efficacy for skin balance and restoration.

Today we offer the Desert Skincare Collection. A harmonizing multi-step skincare ritual to cleanse, exfoliant, protect, and regenerate. Moreover, we are passionate about making the finest desert skincare to share it with you.