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Our Story

“We are passionate about making New Mexico’s finest desert skincare to share it with you.”

When I couldn’t find effective, natural skincare products that gave me the extra hydration and emollient protection I needed for living in the high desert, I decided to create my own skincare products . It had to be made of entirely plant based, high quality ingredients, and easy to use. Knowing that one single product wouldn’t do it all, I wanted a synergistic collection of products for a complete skincare routine – for myself, and women like me who want quality skincare exclusively for our desert climate.

So it started with a cleansing oil. Jojoba Rice Brace Bran Cleansing Oil was my first product formula, the origin of the Desert Essence Collection. Simple, light, and incredibly effective for a first step in your skincare routine.

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My friend was visiting from the Midwest.

She found the cleansing oil on my bathroom counter and used it as a  cleansing moisturizer.

Then, after about four days she finally told me she was using it and would like to take it home with her.

I made her a bottle of her own. After 12 years she is still using my cleansing oil.







With the same commitment to quality, all of our products are formulated with organic ingredients for a desert climate. We offer a continuously developing collection of pure plant cleansers, exfoliant/masque, protective face moisturizer, and regenerative night serum. And too, because I know every woman is unique, we create custom formulas to meet your special skin care needs.

What started in 2008  with a simple cleansing oil soon grew into a local business. Today our line continues to grow state-wide and beyond. We invite you to join us.

Schedule a Session With Debbie

When I teach classes on natural skincare, I like to introduce people to our products by passing around samples of the different oils and herbal mixtures to apply to their skin. I find this approach to be fun, and everyone can experience how their skin reacts to each product.

So during a personal session you will learn about your Desert Essence Collection, its ingredients, how they work together, and how to apply each product. And too, learn tips on how to set up and personalize your beauty routine. Invite friends and make your session a ‘spa day’ with a  facial for everyone. For New Mexico residents only.

For more information or to schedule a Spa Day, please feel free to CONTACT ME