pomegranate recovery serum


a luxury night serum to promote regeneration while you sleep, the skin’s renewal and repair time. created for its regenerative properties, Pomegranate Recovery Serum is blended with 12 organic foundation oils and extracts, and 2 powerful essential oils to support and maximize the skin’s rejuvenating processes.

pomegranate recovery serum five star review

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1 fl oz / 30 ml




pomegranate for regenerative skincare

“I would highly recommend Pomegranate Recovery Serum. The ingredients are organic and I’m glad to notice the addition of our native cactus seed oil. After just two weeks I noticed a real improvement in the look and feel of my skin. For me, it is the best product in the complete collection.”



restore and defend night serum

after cleansing, reach for nutrient rich foundation and correcting essential oils for a potent night serum that helps skin rejuvenate during its natural regenerating cycle while you sleep. pomegranate recovery serum is designed to cover both daily skin concerns and provide long-term preservation. each night your skin receives a potent concentration of powerful antioxidants through omega fatty acids and vitamins found in pomegranate oil and 8 supportive natural and essential oils. furthermore, our concentrated night serum promotes skin’s regeneration, thus, restoring and repairing your complexion for a radiant, renewed appearance. complimenting pomegranate is equally effective prickly pear and sea buckthorn oils. with additional omega 7  fatty acid vitamin k, these two nourishing oils moisturize to strengthen the skin at its cellular level.


pomegranate recovery serum for regenerative skincare

pomegranate blossom

featured ingredients

organic pomegranate oil – contains powerful Punicic Acid, an omega 5 fatty acid known to reduce skin inflammation, moisture loss, and increase hydration. Rich in vitamin C and regenerative properties.

organic prickly pear seed oil – contains vitamin K to help restore skin’s elasticity, while it brightens dark under eye circles. In addition, it’s high in natural antioxidant vitamin E, and amino acids to stimulate collagen production.

Ingredient list

pomegranate seed oil*,  prickly pear seed oil*, rosehip seed oil* , evening primrose oil*, golden jojoba oil*, sea buckthorn berry oil*, sea buckthorn seed oil*, cloudberry seed oil*, moringa oil*, argan oil, rosemary leaf extract*,  tasmanian lavender oil, helichrysum essential oil*, carrot seed essential oil*

* certified organic ingredient,

** natural ingredient,

90.9% organic ingredients


how to use


pomegranate recovery serum application

  • Apply after your nightly cleansing and toning.
  • Put a several drops of your night serum into your palm. Rub palms together to energize your serum.
  • Then, massage deeply in circular, upward motions into moist face, neck, and décolleté prior to sleep.
  • In the morning wipe face with warm cloth to remove any oil residue.
  • Your can follow with your morning cleansing routine. or simple wipe your face with a warm, moist cloth to remove any oil residue.



moisten your face with warm water or your toner. Remember, oils themselves do not hydrate, they lubricate and supplement the natural oils in your skin.  Moistening your face before applying your night serum serves to lock in moisture, hydrate, and allow the healing actions of your serum work for your skin.

customize your beauty ritual

Each person will have a particular response to our Pomegranate Recovery Serum, personally experiencing which ingredients are the most adaptable to their skin. So, customizing a product is not unusual depending on individual skin conditions. By offering individual services we can help you create your own personalized skin care routine that is both effective and unique to your skin concerns, lifestyle, and environment.

If your skin care needs special attention not available in our current product, just e-mail us at debbie@genbotanicals.com. We can customize and we love a challenge.

natural and organic ingredients

made without


handcrafted by order


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