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complete desert collection.

GENbotanicals Complete Desert Collection was created from a love of botanicals, herbalism, as well as the science of plant-human interaction. Our approach to skincare is simple- a restoration of balance. Through the use of authentic, skin specific botanicals, our goal is to bring the skin’s  metabolic functions, particularly skin barrier functions, back into healthy balance. GENbotanicals is a classic approach, a daily ritual of nutrients, protectors, and nightly actives designed to influence regenerative and restorative facial care. Once achieved, your skin is its own best defense, and long-term protector against further skin damage.



a multi-functional oil cleanser to remove impurities, while balancing skin tone


The Jojoba Cleanser

balanced facial cleansing

GENbotanicals The Jojoba Cleanser is a gentle cleansing oil to clarify and refine your skin while effortlessly melting away makeup and impurities. The nutrient power of ceramide-rich jojoba oil, rice bran, and honeysuckle extract  fortify your skin’s barrier, making it less vulnerable to our low humidity and dry winds.


The Rice Bran Cleanser/Masque

a weekly alternative to your cleansing oil, Green Tea Enzyme Cleanser/Masque gently cleans and polishes, providing excellent exfoliation. through stimulating herbal flower powders, clay, nourishing grains, and green tea to lift impurities, green tea enzyme cleanser masque cleanses while re-mineralizing your skin. and too, organic green and white tea leaves infuse your skin with powerful antioxidants to protect and defend. furthermore, rosehip and rose petal powders gently exfoliate and buff, brighten, and permeate your skin with vitamins C, B and K for a polished natural glow.  while lavender flower powder harmonizes our blend to calm and soothe even the most sensitive skin.


moisturize & tone to maintain the results of cleansing with White Tea Rose Toner Mist

A soft, spray mist delivers potent organic plant nutrients and antioxidants to your daily ritual. green & white tea extracts boost moisture while protecting your skin from damage. Feel the moisturizing floral waters and plant extracts penetrating your skin for the ultimate in re-hydration, natural balance, and  aromatic calming of the senses.


The Camellia Skin Defense Face Oil

Nourish and create a veil of emollient protection. Deeply penetrating, our concentrated formula nourishes and provides an emollient protective layer through the power of our signature white tea extract. Enhancing skin’s ability to retain moisture, Camellia Skin Defense Face Oil stimulates rejuvenation for healthy aging and a return to natural radiance. Over time your skin begins to look and feel more healthy, resulting in a more evenly toned and textured complexion. furthermore, as  texture improves so does the strength of the facial skin. In time, the epidermis will thicken for a fuller, firmer complexion.

a luxury one ounce night serum for skin;s regeneration and repair.


The Pomegranate Recovery Serum

triple restoration night serum – optimal renewal and repair  while you sleep.

Pomegranate Recovery Serum is a luxury night serum to promote regeneration and hydration, while minimizing UV damage. Blended with organic foundation oils, powerful essential oils and botanical extracts to support and maximize the skin’s rejuvenating processes. To deliver the ultimate in restoration, we include pomegranate, prickly pear, moringa, and evening primrose oils for a soft, smooth, healthy-looking complexion.

ingredients that matter:

classic, perfectly tailored formulations.

we blend 47 powerful harmonizing botanical ingredients that include;

  • 16 flower foundation oils for vital phyto-nutrients, and emollient protection
  • 4 essential oil for their regenerative and dermal layer activity
  • 4 organic single botanical hydrosols with nutrients and hydrating properties
  • 2 organic single botanical extracts
  • fresh green and white tea as potent antioxidants
  • clay, grains, and herbal powders
Full Ingredients List

customization – a beauty practice tailored to your needs

many of you will benefit from a well structured routine, while others will prefer to use on a more adjustable or as-needed basis. should you need individual services we can help you create your own personalized skin care routine that is both effective and unique to your skin concerns, lifestyle, and environment. To connect with us simply e-mail at debbie@genbotanicals.com. We can customize and we love a challenge.