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Step 02 – Exfoliate to Bring Radiant Health

rice bran cleanser

The Rice Bran Cleanse gently exfoliates your skin with herbal flower powders, clay, and grain ingredients. As proper nourishment enhances regeneration, this water activated blend infuses your skin with protective antioxidants against UV ray damage. Rosehip and rose petal powders, both anti-inflammatory, permeate your skin with additional nutrients and vitamin C, while chamomile and lavender flower powders harmonize our blend to calm and soothe even the most sensitive skin.



a bowl of white rice bran with a cup of green tea for the rice bran cleanser


Rice & Tea – A Potent Duo

rice bran powder blended with white and green ground tea leaves help to gently exfoliate the skin while nourishing with rich antioxidants. each helps protect skin from environmental damage, ultimately reducing the appearance dull and ashy skin.

Mao Feng green tea leaf*, Bai Hao white silver needle tea leaf*, Japanese Rice Bran powder **, Rhassoul clay**, Okinawan marine clay**, Azuki bean powder enzyme**, Rosehip seed powder*, Rose Petal powder* Lavender flower powder*, Chamomile flower powder*

*Certified Organic ingredient, **Pure & Untreated, 100% natural content with 60% Organic content.




Self/Skin Care Tip:

Awaken The Beauty of Your Skin

I love the look and feel of my face after exfoliating. My new natural glow and soft texture give me an emotional lift as well. the results of exfoliation are both immediate and long term. A nice radiance and smoothness to your skin can be noticed after your first exfoliating ritual. Full face vitality and clarity, however, can take as many as three skin cycles or longer for mature skin.

Exfoliation is not only for your face. again, the simple act of touch and applying different levels pressure opens nerve pathways and stimulates musculature beneath the skin surface, nourishing the skin cells and releasing vital energy throughout the body. With this in mind, a simple technique is to exfoliate you body while in the shower, allowing your skin to be steam/water moisturized before exfoliating with your Rice Bran Cleanser.




Use 1 – 2x weekly as an additional or alternative cleansing method.

Step 1 – AMOUNT

a quarter size amount or 2 teaspoons in your palm or small bowl

Scrub Sample isolated on white for rice bran cleanser


add an equal amount of warm water or floral water to form a soft paste. For extremely dry skin you can add a dropper of your Honeysuckle Cleansing Oil to the mixture. let mixture sit a few minutes to enhance the harmonizing process, especially for the green and white teas, releasing their potent antioxidants.

Step 3 -APPLY

with your fingertips, very gently massage into softened moist skin, face and neck, in small circular motions for 30 seconds to 1 minute. You will feel your exfoliator working to remove impurities. Do not scrub your skin, nor over exfoliate.

Step 4 – RINSE & WIPE

rinse well with warm water to remove and further hydrate.

While your face is still moist, follow with the rest of your routine.




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