Standards & Practices


standards and practices at genbotanicals


One Purpose

We believe that beauty products should support wellness. This philosophy lies at the foundation of GENbotanicals. Nature-based ingredients always will be our choice resource for a  holistic beauty practice that is powerfully rejuvenating and positive.

With this in mind, we sources our ingredients from only the finest growers, harvesters, distillers and processors from around the world. And too, we have friendly, sustained relationships with all of our suppliers and a list of strict standards and practices for our pure, organic and wild-crafted ingredients.

Our Mission

We’ve had years to develop our skin care line, By combining the very best ingredients, we want to give you what is real, not unattainable.





Our Standards & Practices

  1. Ingredients must be certified organic whenever possible.
  2. If not organic certified than at least certified to be grown without chemicals, pesticides, herbicides.
  3. Finished products will have no less than 70% certified organic, ingredients.
  4.  Facial serums and cleansing oil formulas are blended with a .25 – 1 % essential oil. This percentage is considered both effective and safe for facial care when used as directed.
  5. All ingredients must grown and harvested through ecologically sustainable methods.
  6. All wild-crafted ingredients must be gathered ethically, responsibly and without harm to the environment, community or plant sustainability.
  7. Every ingredient must have the sole purpose of benefiting the skin.
  8. Plant oils must be cold pressed and never heat distilled, which destroys many beneficial oil properties.
  9. Plant and essential oils will be undiluted, unaltered, non-solvent extracted,and non-synthetically modified.
  10. Herbal powders will be processed without heat from start to finish.
  11. Clays must be untreated and sun-dried when possible.
    All hydrolate (floral waters) products will be certified organic, steam distilled, single botanical, and processed from distillers and equipment for hydrolates only.
  12. The hydrolates used in our White tea Rose Adapting Toner will contain Leucidal LIQUID preservative. While this is the only product in our skin care line we find necessary to formulate with a preservative, we do not claim this product as either ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, despite its organic ingredients.
  13. Free from GMO
  14. Free from artificial colors, fillers or fragrances
  15. Free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives, solvents, parabens, emollients, boosters, thickeners, surfactants, colorants, and other non-plant based ingredients.
  16. None of our ingredients have been tested on animals as far as our research has shown.
  17. We are not aware of any child labor abuses.
  18. Fair Trade, local suppliers, and made in U.S.A. whenever possible.
  19. We do not formulate with any plant, including essential oil, ingredient found on the Endangered Species List. Our Sandalwood essential oil, (Santalum album) is plantation grown in Australia for sustainability.




As unique individuals, we have different sensitivities, allergic reactions, and possible health conditions. We are not healthcare professionals, therefore, the FDA prohibits us from offering you any and all information regarding prevention or treatment of conditions.

For determining the safest and most effective natural skincare, especially if have know allergies, sensitivities, or health problems, it is best to check with a qualified healthcare professional and aromatherapist to determine which of our products may best suit your needs.

The following basic safety and caution guidelines are based on industry recommendations, and are not intended as complete, conclusive, or up to date.

  1. Always do a patch test first.(Place a small amount of prepared mixture to the under skin of your arm and leave on for several hours. Examine to see if any skin irritation occurs.
    Do not use if you have or develop skin irritation, redness,
    itching, any skin discomfort or inflammation.
  2. Do not use more than directed usage on label. more is not better
  3. Keep out of Reach of children and pets.
  4. External Use Only.
  5. Cosmetic Use Only.
  6. Do not apply to broken skin.
  7. Use caution or sparingly around under-eye skin and eyelids.
  8. Consult your health care practitioner if pregnant or nursing.
  9. Not for use for any person under 18
  10. Persons with known allergies to any plant or plant family should avoid using these products.

Product guidelines

Keep all closures, caps on tightly. When not in use keep away from water or moisture to avoid contamination.

While products are packages in miron violet glass, it is still recommended to keep products away from sunlight and excessive heat.

Refrigerate hydrosol facial toner (White Rose Adapting Toner and Mist) to extend shelf life

For more information on on safety and guidelines of essential oils, contact:

National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy