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         japanese camellia face oil is New Mexico true certified        


7 full size products

45 organic and natural ingredients

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Complimentary Masque Brush, Blotting Tissue

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Product Description


Designed to work in harmony with your skin through
the 6 steps of cleansing, toning, exfoliation, moisturizing,
masque and gentle repair. An advanced skin care routine to
keep the skin nourished with vital nutrients from skin-restoring
ingredients, replenished with hydration, protected from sun
damage, and restored to an even tone and smooth texture.
Each skin care step harmonizes with the next, delivering
a full spectrum of beneficial ingredients to fortify the skin
against future signs of damage.


  • You receive concentrated antioxidant, omega, vitamin
    and mineral essential nutrients to maintain a healthful
    skin barrier.
  • A collection that delivers powerful regenerative,
    revitalizing, and restoring plant-based constituents.
  • Emollient ingredients to protect against sun damage
  • Hydrating hydrosols that add and lock in moisture
    to help dry and dehydrated skin.
  • You can re-mineralize your skin for improved
    clarity and texture.
  • Our signature organic White Tea ingredients
    help prevent oxidative stress and free radical
  • Gentle cleansing for easy removal of impurities
  • Your skin begins to look radiant, feel smoother
    and softer.
  • Enlarged pores become smaller
  • Skin texture becomes more even.


The Complete Desert Treatment ‘essence’ Collection  includes,

Jojoba Rice Bran Cleansing Oil (3.4 fl oz)
Green Tea Rice Enzyme Powder  (4 oz)
White Tea Rose Adapting Toner  (3.4 fl oz)
Camellia Skin Defense Face oil  (1 fl oz)
White Tea Rose Desert Mist (2 fl oz)
Rhassoul Replenishing Facial Masque  (4 oz)
Pomegranate Skin Awakening  Serum  (1 fl oz)

Complimentary fan masque brush

Gold infused blotting face tissues


Active ingredients:

organic natural base oils, essential oils, single botanical
hydrosols, herbal powders, earthen clay, marine clay,
fine grains, hand ground organic teas, white tea extracts,
rice waters and fine ground azuki beans



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Customer Testimonials


great stuff – reviewed by Jewel – Pie Town , NM

five gold stars for skincare collection reviews


I love the product. I’ve been in Albuquerque and I took everything with me. My girlfriend and I were checking them out and washing our faces. She really liked it too. We couldn’t believe how great our skin felt after one use. My face feels so soft after 3 uses. Great stuff. (February 20, 2018)


thanks for the great collection – reviewed by Mona – Cochiti Lake, NM

five gold stars for skincare collection reviews


Hey Deb, I’m at the dermatologist for filler.  She told me my complexion looks beautiful. It’s clean and glowing, and doesn’t show the pervasive wrinkles you so often see out here. (May 2018)


glad I came back – reviewed by Paula – Santa Fe, NM

five gold stars for skincare collection reviews
This is my 4th order of the Complete Collection. It works very well as a routine, and my skin did really improve in appearance because of less fine lines. However, it did take some time and attention to see results. I stopped using the collection after my second order. I tried several other brands because I thought I could get quicker results. Needless to say I went back to the complete collection. There are no better products for my skin even though it takes a little longer to see the results. I won’t switch products again. (February 16th, 2017)


one of a kind – reviewed by Leanna – Chandler, AZ

five gold stars for skincare collection reviews
I received the desert skincare collection in the mail and it came perfectly. Thank you so much for allowing me to have it once again. It is truly one of a kind. I will be purchasing more in the future, as I have my fiance using it and he loves it as well.! Thanks again. (August 1st, 2016)