White Tea Rose Adapting Face Toner

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Infuse your skin with hydrating, antioxidant-filled White Tea Rose Adapting Face Toner. Our white tea extract and four rose hydrosol blend helps revitalize the complexion and leave it looking radiant. It’s soothing, helps skin retain moisture, while it gently tightens, tones, and clarifies. Together with hydrating red rose, adapting rose geranium, revitalizing carrot seed and gently astringent neroli hydrosols, this nutrient rich face toner holds the living plant in each drop. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, it revitalizes your skin while encouraging cell renewal.  White Tea Rose Adapting Face Toner is ideal for most skin types, particularly dry, dehydrated, and mature skin. It absorbs quickly with a luxurious feel and light aroma.              

3.4 fl oz – 100mg               white rose desert mist is New Mexico true certified










white tea rose adapting toner at genbotanicals



Featured Ingredient – white tea leaf 

The protective antioxidants of white tea are especially beneficial for a desert skin care beauty routine. Uniquely, white tea’s antioxidant content may protect the skin against the damaging effects of sun exposure. In front of your mirror this translates into progressively worsening lines, wrinkles, age spots and less elasticity. With special attention to sun damage prevention, we found an encouraging study  proving white tea’s capability to boost the immune function of skin cells and protect them against the damaging effects of sun exposure with topical use,

“New studies have found that white tea is 10% more effective than green tea. We found the application of white tea extract protects critical elements of the skin’s immune system,” says Elma Baron, MD, Director of the Skin Study Center at University Hospitals of Cleveland and Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Baron says. “Similar to the way oxidation causes a car to rust, oxidative stress of the skin causes a breakdown in cellular strength and function. The white tea extract protects against this stress. This study further demonstrates the importance of researching how plant products can actually protect the skin. 

With this in mind, white tea is a ‘must have’ ingredient for anyone with high sun exposure.  Learn more


How to use:

After your cleansing, spritz face toner onto bare skin with cotton ball and pat over face and neck to tone and tighten. Let your toner air dry naturally. Follow with Camellia Skin Defense face Oil.  And too, use your face toner throughout the day to re-hydrate and refresh.


Active ingredients: red rose hydrolat (rosa damascena)*, white rose hydrolat (rosa alba)*, white tea extract (camellia sinensis)*, rice extract (oryza sativa)*, carrot seed hydrolet (daucus carota)*, rose geranium hydrolat (Pelargonium graveolens)*, neroli/orange blossom hydrolat ( citrus aurantium)*, ecocert approved Leuconostoc Ferment Filtrate

*USDA Certified organic by Oregon Tilth, USDA






               whit tea rose adapting toner mist at genbotanicals 


 White Tea Rose Mist

A complimentary 2 oz purse size with every order of your full size toner.






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