White Tea Rose Adapting Toner

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          white rose desert mist is New Mexico true certified



3.4 fl oz – 100mg



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Product Description


 White Tea Rose Adapting Toner infuses the skin with 
 hydration from pure plant hydrosols and extracts to help the
skin regulate its own moisture content. The skin’s ability
to hold moisture, one of the surest signs of skin health,
lessens the chance of the skin becoming dehydrated.
Additionally, our white tea extract adds protective
antioxidants that may help protect the skin against the
damaging effects ultraviolet radiation. This is especially
beneficial for any desert skin care routine because,
unfortunately, our high desert altitude sun exposure exposes
us to more UV rays. Equally important, hydrating red rose,
adapting rose geranium, revitalizing carrot seed and gently
astringent neroli hydrosols harmonize this blend to make an
ideal hydrating and protective face toner.
 White Tea Rose Adapting Toner is suitable for most skin
types, particularly dehydrated, devitalized, and sensitive skin
It absorbs quickly with a luxurious feel and light aroma. 


rich in antioxidants that combat
free radicals
tones & clarifies
adapts to skin type
gives a burst of hydration
primes face before applying makeup
immediately softens skin     

How to Apply

After your cleansing, spritz face toner onto bare skin
with cotton ball and pat over face and neck to tone
and tighten. Let your toner air dry naturally. Follow with
Camellia Skin Defense face Oil.  And too, use your face
toner throughout the day to re-hydrate and refresh.

Ingredient list

red rose hydrolat (rosa damascena)*
white rose hydrolat (rosa alba)*
white tea extract (camellia sinensis)*
rice extract (oryza sativa)*
carrot seed hydrolet (daucus carota)*
rose geranium hydrolat (Pelargonium graveolens)*
neroli/orange blossom hydrolat ( citrus aurantium)*
ecocert approved Leuconostoc Ferment Filtrate

*USDA Certified organic by Oregon Tilth, USDA



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