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Desert Skin Care –  For women 50+, and beyond – Giving you what is real, not what is unattainable.


 Small, independent, and woman owned since 2012, our focus has always been on healthful rather than younger looking skin for our customers. We do not follow trends, nor promote a concept of beauty that denies the aging process. Rather, we offer a skin care line designed to make sure your skin has everything it needs to stay healthy, and protect and defend itself against further damage, now and in the future. With years of customer input and experience, we’ve had years to develop our formulations. We start with simple, pure ingredients as close to their natural state as possible. We then combine ingredients according to their specific actions into customizable formulas. All of our products are 96% organic, and sourced from sustainable farms in U.S and around the world. Take a look at our products and enjoy learning more about how they work.











desert skin care cleanse and exfoliate

Cleanse & Exfoliate

Jojoba Rice Bran Cleansing Oil

Green Tea Rice Enzyme Powder

These were our first organic products, the origin of our skin care collection. Created for our friends and local community. Simple, light and incredibly nourishing, thanks to our blend of effective botanicals.

Our natural cleansing oil and exfoliant are two ways to enhance your skin as each gently cleanses and replenishes the skin with powerful nutrients and super antioxidants. With our cleansing oil your skin receives the benefits of rich natural base oils blended with stimulating whole essential oils to balance dryness. Infuse your skin with powerful antioxidant protection with Green Tea Rice Enzyme Powder. Our green tea antioxidants boost the skin’s capacity to improve moisture balance, while it evens out skin tone and texture.

4 fl oz – 100 ml  and 4 oz exfoliator

made certified organic ingredients

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genbotanicals desert skin care facial tonersTone

White Tea Rose Adapting Toner

The essence of our philosophy: single botanical, plant based and working together in perfect harmony. All blended in minimalist, elegant, effectiveness that defines all of our products.

Tone the skin with pure plant hydrosols of our signature rose blend to hydrate and balance dry skin. Every drop contains the complete essence of the living plant. Alive with rich antioxidants and vitamins A and C.  This blend strengthens and refreshes while its white tea extract content helps protect against UV damage.

4 fl oz – 100ml

5 certified organic ingredients

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desert skin care camellia skin defense face oil at genbotanicals


Camellia Skin Defense Face Oil

A timeless treasure, this face oil is indispensable to your beauty routine, even has your facial needs change.  Start as a daily moisturizer, then as a night oil as your needs evolve.

Daily moisturizing is vital to healthy skin. And too, it  helps reduce extreme dryness and skin dehydration.  Natural oils harmonize to deeply moisturize, replenishing dry skin. Our oils are both humectant, the ability to capture and hold moisture, and emollient, to protect against moisture loss. With vitamins a,b,c, e and plant collagen, it boosts cell renewal and works to strengthen skin’s elasticity.

1 fl oz

6 certified organic ingredients

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desert skin care pomegranate skin awakening serum at genbotanicals

Advanced Care

Pomegranate ‘Skin Awakening’ Serum

Do you ever wish you could have a formula designed for skin restoration. Which could deeply moisturize dry skin, lessen the appearance of fine lines, and improve skin’s elasticity. Our concentrated night serum is that formula. Equally ideal for those showing early or substantial sun damaged skin.

A night time beauty routine can have a lasting affect on your complexion. Your skin goes through natural regenerative process as you sleep, so, bedtime is the perfect time to apply regenerative oils. This serum delivers ingredients that moisturize, detoxify, and stimulate cellular renewal processes to keep your skin healthy looking. Our featured ingredient, pomegranate oil, enhances the skin’s ability to restore itself while you sleep as it routes nutrients directly into the skin’s cells.

1 fl oz – 59 ml

11 certified organic ingredients

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desert skin care new to naturals collection

Starter Balancing Set

The ‘New to Naturals Collection

Inspired by the complete desert essence collection, this smaller daily ritual succession has been a customer favorite for nearly a year to provide a starting point for a more customized skin care routine.

The ‘new to naturals’ collection is a complete introductory set created for those new to natural oils and plant based skin care. Featuring four full size products designed to be used in succession as a daily beauty routine. Blended with organic, cold-pressed base and essential oils, botanical floral waters, powders, grains, teas, and clay, this collection is designed to restore the skin’s natural barrier functions to a healthy balance. Balanced skin results in a more healthful looking complexion.

The thought of switching to a natural skin care routine care might be overwhelming, however, we’re here to help you make the transition to botanical skin care a positive experience.

4 full size products to cleanse. tone, exfoliate, moisturize

33 certified organic ingredients

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desert skin care rhassoul restoring clay masque at genbotanicals


Rhassoul Restoring Powder Face Masque

I love the feel of earthen clay on my face, it eases dry skin and I can feel the replenishing effects. Rhassoul Restoring Powder Facial Masque is simple and elegant. A luxury spa experience at home.

A facial masque can do great things for your skin. It will cleanse, nourish,  detoxify, and  deliver a general tonic effect. Our spa quality masque transforms your skin’s texture with its mineral content and power of absorption. Rhassoul clay and White Tea leaves restore depleted nutrients while absorbing impurities from the deepest levels. Equally important, extra dry and sun exposed skin welcomes the replenishing benefits without irritation.

4 oz – 96 grams

6 organic and natural ingredients

Water activated – adjust to your own consistency

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desert skin care at genbotanicals

The Complete Collection

The Complete Desert Treatment Essence Collection

Get intentional about your skin care with a total spa experience in all natural ingredients to empower your skin to look healthier and vibrant at any age. Seven skincare essentials that are created from 45 concentrated ingredients with super antioxidants, omega and vitamin nutrients, and replenishing minerals.

Each product is handcrafted with  uncompromising purity. We use only cold-pressed, unrefined natural oils, steam distilled essential oils, untreated, least processed clay, grains,herbal powders, and teas. The Complete Desert Skin Care Treatent ‘Essence’ Collection is unrivaled in its concentration of certified organic camellia, pomegranate, evening primrose, white silver needle tea and extract, and green tea blended for potency and freshness. Experience a partnership with nature to support and nurture your skin.

7 full size products – fully customizable

Jojoba Rice Bran Cleansing Oil (4 fl oz
Green Tea Rice Enzyme Powder  (4 oz)
White Tea Rose Adapting Toner  (4 fl oz)
Camellia Skin Defense Face oil  (1 fl oz)
White Tea Rose Desert Mist (2 fl oz)
Rhassoul Restoring Powder Facial Masque  (4 oz)
Pomegranate Skin Awakening Renewal Serum  (1 fl oz)

45 organic and natural ingredients

How to Use  for every product

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Details & Contact


desert skin care at genbotanicals is certified New Mexico trueGENbotanicals is a small, independent business located in Datil, New Mexico. We handcraft organic desert skin care products, by order, allowing us to focus on only your order
and nothing else. We offer a holistic, customizable approach to skin care including
lifestyle factors to fit your skin’s unique needs. You may order directly from this website by clicking product link, or contact us to customize your products. This allows us to deal directly with our customers and create a product unique to them. We work together with you throughout the making of your collection, and
then ship it to your door.


Botanical = “a substance obtained or derived from a plant” describes our philosophy and our skin care line.


At GENbotanicals we are concerned with sustainability and ethical harvesting.
We promise to only source organic options and never use solvent extracted natural
oils. When certified organic materials are not available, we opt for those cultivated
without chemicals or synthetic inputs. We create pure,
unadulterated products which are designed to be the most compatible with the
skin for the maximum results.