A restoration to balance, transformative results.
Discover our Desert Skin Care Collection, harmonized pure plant skin care made for and in New Mexico


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“Your Desert Skin Care collection is the best I have found in 25 years of desert living. It’s easy to use and brings huge results. Friends tell me my skin looks great. Thank you for a wonderful line of products.”

Carol – 2020



The Best in Botanical Beauty

A  5-Step gentler approach to skin care without sacrificing results


desert skin care collection - jojoba rice bran cleansing oilFOR CLEANSING AND BALANCING

Our very first formulation for the desert skin care collection. With organic Honeysuckle extract, Jojoba Rice Bran Cleansing Oil is designed to cleanse, replenish, and balance, while it melts away makeup and impurities. With our nutrient rich foundation oils, Jojoba, Rice Bran, and Hibiscus, this lightweight cleansing oil is easily absorbed, leaving skin silky and radiant while revitalizing sun damaged skin. And too, it is the ultimate skincare multitasker. A natural cleanser to reduce the look of fine lines, improve firmness, and even out skin tone. Apply this nourishing, yet light cleansing oil as the first step in your beauty routine and expect to see results in just one week. Finally,  a 50 ml / 2 fl oz  size created for New Mexico skin care








Using an exfoliator may seem like an extra step, however it’s one of our most  powerful protections against skin aging. Facial exfoliation uncovers fresh new cells. Accordingly, this opens the way for regenerative products to penetrate more deeply into the skin, which makes them more effective. Ultimately, our desert skin GREEN TEA RICE ENZYME EXFOLIATOR & MASQUE gently removes dead skin cells, nourishes, and infuses your skin with powerful antioxidant protection. In addition, our organic green tea leaves are shrouded in mountain mist for two hundred days before harvesting. This exceptional green tea delivers antioxidants that boost the skin’s capacity to improve moisture balance and enhance skin barrier function. As a result, our 2oz -50mg water-activated exfoliating product should allow you several weeks of use and deliver immediate glowing and vibrant skin.





desert skincare white tea rose face mistFOR HYDRATING

If you could have only one product to quell the dehydration of our desert climate, WHITE TEA ROSE TONER MIST is the one. This facial toner mist consists of a harmonizing blend of plant based hydrosols including Rose, Rose Geranium, Carrot Seed, and Neroli. Thus, our combination works to nourish, replenish dry skin, and help your skin regulate its own moisture content. Moisture and protection are key elements for desert skincare. Therefore, as the hydrosols hydrate and moisturize your skin, our addition of organic white tea extract may help protect your skin from cell damage (1). Apply your mist after cleansing to lock in benefits, and use throughout the day to refresh tired skin.

  1. Benefits of White Tea Extract for Skincare







desert skin care in New MexicoFOR MOISTURIZING

CAMELLIA SKIN DEFENSE FACE OIL represents our philosophy – a restoration to balanced skin. Because New Mexico desert skin is exposed to high elevation and low humidity, it’s prone to sun damage and seems quicker to develop dry skin. However, many moisturizing cremes don’t provide long-term moisturization needed for restoring skin’s natural balance. For the purpose of desert skincare, our key ingredient, Camellia Oil, is known for its ability to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin, protecting the skin from drying out while replenishing vital nutrients. And too, it hydrates, while infusing skin with powerful antioxidants to protect skin from free radical damage and signs of aging. For the highest concentration of antioxidant properties, we enhance Our Camellia Oil with Organic White Tea Leaf Extract. In addition, using more powerful natural ingredients including Marula, Evening Primrose, and Jojoba oils, your skin receives the best in restorative care.





desert skin care at genbotanicalsFOR REGENERATION

POMEGRANATE RECOVERY SERUM is the most popular product in our Desert Skincare Collection. Infused with 16 nutrient-rich botanical cold pressed natural oils and organic plant extracts. Pomegranate Recovery Serum is an ideal overnight serum for moderately sun damaged and prematurely aged skin. Ultimately, Pomegranate Recovery Serum delivers the perfect concentration of skin- corrective botanicals to protect against further skin damage.











Desert Skincare Collection


“Hey Deb, I’m at the dermatologist for filler. She told me my complexion looks beautiful. It’s clean and glowing and doesn’t show the pervasive wrinkles you so often see out here.”



Desert Skincare Collection


“This is my fourth order of the Collection. It works very well as a routine and my skin did really improve in appearance because of less fine lines. It did take some time and attention to see results. There are no better products for my skin”.


Santa Fe

Desert Skin Care Collection


 “It’s like having a little Japanese tea ceremony for my face!



“I don’t go a day without it and it’s really made a difference in my skin. I no longer have any small dry patches on my cheeks and forehead.”



“After two years of using the collection, I like this cleansing oil the best. It has helped to make my face look so much better. I use it both day and night for the softness it gives my skin.”


Columbia, IL

Desert Skincare Collection


​​”I have been using my Desert Skincare Collection for about two months now. I can’t believe the difference in my skin since using the right ingredients. I recommend this collection to anyone looking to improve their skin.”





When we couldn’t find skin care that gave us the hydration and protection we needed for desert living. So, we decided to formulate our own. For ourselves, and women like us who want a beauty practice specifically designed for our climate. A true New Mexico skin care line…




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