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Our focus is to provide exclusive desert skin care for the women and men of New Mexico. Our Desert Skin Care Collection features 5 individual formulas designed to give your skin everything it needs to restore balance and optimal health. As a result, your skin is able to defend itself against the challenges of our desert climate. Therefore, we formulate each step in your skin care routine to harmonize with the next, allowing full botanical benefits to your skin.

As artisans and a New Mexico True Partner, we’re passionate about making New Mexico’s finest skin care and creating a self-care beauty practice that is powerfully regenerative and positive.





desert skin care jojoba rice bran cleansing oilJOJOBA RICE BRAN CLEANSING OIL

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Size – 50 ml / 2 fl oz  with glass dropper

Our first formulation to cleanse, replenish, and balance your skin.  A combination of high performance vitamin-rich plant oils and organic extracts created to dissolve makeup and impurities, while restoring sun damaged skin. Infuse the skin with vitamins A, B1 and B3, C, D, this formula also delivers the skin loving super antioxidant Gamma-oryzanol and pure plant Squalene to improve overall skin texture. A natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids, and nutrients, it gently exfoliates to improve skin tone.  In addition, it’s anti-inflammatory properties soothe skin irritations. Jojoba Rice Bran Cleansing Oil is suited for all skin types, particularly extra dry, mature and sensitive skin.








Size 2 oz -50 gm

Infuse your skin with powerful antioxidant protection from Green Tea Rice Enzyme Cleanser and Masque. Our organic green and white tea antioxidants boost the skin’s capacity to improve moisture balance and skin barrier function. This botanical enzyme powder buff only the top layer of your skin to avoid stripping natural oils. And too, our natural clay blend reaches deep into pores and draws out impurities for smoother, more even-looking skin texture. Finally, the fine powders of rose petals, lavender, and chamomile flowers work in synergy to deliver regenerative actions.  Best for normal, combination, oily, dry, and mature skin.






desert skin care white tea rose toner mistWHITE TEA ROSE TONER MIST


Size – 2 fl oz – 50mg

If you could have only one product to quell the dehydration of our desert climate, this facial mist is the one. Made from 9 organic nutrient-rich plant hydrosols and extracts, our formula works to tone, clarify, hydrate and helps your skin regulate its own moisture content.  The essence of White Tea Rose Toner Mist is our concentration of organic green tea and white tea extracts. This antioxidant rich duo helps to protect against skin damage due to ultraviolet radiation and stimulates cell turn over for a more vibrant appearance. To further enhance our formula are hydrating rose and rose geranium, revitalizing carrot seed and gently astringent neroli hydrosols.  Finally, our complete combination is calming to the senses, mildly astringent, anti-inflammatory.






desert skin care camellia skin defense oilCAMELLIA SKIN DEFENSE FACE OIL


Size – .5 fl oz – 15ml

Camellia Skin Defense Face Oil is the essence of our philosophy. A restoration to balance with optimal concentrations of plant nutrients, vital antioxidants, nourishing fatty acids, and skin-loving vitamins protect, and strengthen aged or sun-damaged skin. At the heart of Camellia Skin Defense Face Oil is our Japanese wild Camellia, (Yabu-Tsubaki), known for its outstanding moisture retaining ability, it nourishes and restores elasticity. Added to this infusion is a harmonizing blend of essential oils to further enhance revitalization and regeneration of the skin barrier. A face oil for everything and forever.

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desert skin care pomegranate recovery serumPOMEGRANATE RECOVERY SERUM


Size – .5 fl oz – 15ml

Infused with 16 nutrient-rich botanical cold pressed natural oils and organic plant extracts,

Pomegranate Recovery Serum is an ideal overnight serum for moderately sun damaged and prematurely aged skin. Ultimately, Pomegranate Recovery Serum delivers the perfect concentration of skin- corrective botanicals to protect against further skin damage.

Our key ingredient is organic Pomegranate Oil. Rich in punicic acid, it is one of the most potent antioxidants to diminish cellular damage. Also, the blend includes Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil to reduce redness and inflammation, Prickly Pear Seed Oil for essential fatty acids, and Cloudberry Seed Oil to help retain moisture and reduce fine lines. Added to our infusion are targeted extracts and essential oils to enhance cell renewal at the skin’s dermal level. Suitable for all prematurely aged skin with noticeable sun damage.

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     “It’s like having a little Japanese tea ceremony for my face!


​​”I have been using my Desert Skincare Collection for about two months now. I can’t believe the difference in my skin since using the right ingredients. I recommend this collection to anyone looking to improve their skin.”


“After two years of using the collection, I like this cleansing oil the best. It has helped to make my face look so much better. I use it both day and night for the softness it gives my skin.”


“Hey Deb, I’m at the dermatologist for filler. She told me my complexion looks beautiful. It’s clean and glowing and doesn’t show the pervasive wrinkles you so often see out here.”


“My favorite product in the Collection. I’ve used this spray daily for over a year now and really love it. I’m a gardener in the mountains and it works at keeping my face hydrated during the day. Not a dark spot on my face yet.”


“I don’t go a day without it and it’s really made a difference in my skin. I no longer have any small dry patches on my cheeks and forehead.”


“This is my fourth order of the Collection. It works very well as a routine, and my skin did really improve in appearance because of less fine lines. It did take some time and attention to see results. There are no better products for my skin.






When we couldn’t find skincare that gave us the hydration and protection we needed for desert living. Anyone living in our desert environment knows we  share cumulative overexposure to the sun and to ultra-violet (UV) radiation, high altitude, arid winds and low humidity. Consequently, these conditions create a capacity for dry, dehydrated skin, coupled with a compromised skin barrier. All of which can lead to skin damage resulting in prematurely aged skin.

Ten years of formulating herbal remedies for the body encouraged us to apply the same herbal healing properties to a desert skin care formula. Our goal being a preventative strategy against the desert elements through a restoration to balance.

Balanced skin really leads to healthy beautiful skin.  Once balanced the skin can function properly to provide a healthy barrier. As a result, the skin can better absorb moisture and nutrients, eliminate toxins, and regenerate itself. With this in mind, I focused on finding the very best botanical ingredients in potency and efficacy for skin balance and restoration.

Today we offer the Desert Skin Care Collection. A harmonizing multi-step skincare ritual to cleanse, exfoliant, protect, and regenerate. Moreover, we are passionate about making the finest desert skin care to share it with you.